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The Legendary Roberto Voerzio – Una Storia Diversa

Recognized in the wine world for his innate meticulousness and scrupulousness that reflect in the wines produced by his namesake domaine, vignaiolo and winemaker Robert Voerzio sets himself apart in important ways. For those following the legendary fracture between the traditionalist and modernist schools of Barolo winemaking, one need not break a sweat putting a […]

Dal Forno Romano, Vanguards of the Veneto

In just 40 years of upending Amarone and Valpolicella winemaking in the Veneto, Azienda Agricola Dal Forno Romano now counts among Italy’s top wine producers, if not among the world’s best, for wine lovers who have an unslakable thirst for their Amarone della Valpolicella and Valpolicella Superiore. Dal Forno’s vineyards are located in Illasi where, […]

Produttori del Barbaresco and the Risorgimento of Nebbiolo

History recounts that the final push during the second half of the 1800s to unify the different states and form one Italy, the Risorgimento, was driven by 4 key characters – Garibaldi, Mazzini, Benso di Cavour and Vittorio Emanuele II. The last 3 all hailed from Piemonte. This unification ended centuries-long interloping efforts of the French, Austrians, […]


The key to understanding Roagna’s wine is their insistence upon biodiverse old vineyards whose plants are only green harvested up to 15 years. Harvests tend to be more protracted than their neighbors, while cuvaisons in large conical French Garbellotto bottes also outstrip the norm.

Pedro Parra, Tamer of Terroir

Pedro Parra has an infectious exuberance when he speaks. He lets you in on how silly he finds himself that while he has gone to great and literal lengths to master terroir over a 30-year career in numerous soil pits across a 4-continent footprint, he then finds the model terroir to produce Cinsault wines just […]


Ambonnay, France

Francis Egly’s champagnes impress with the exceptional quality of their base wines. They are powerful, terroir-expressive sparkling wines that are mainly based on Pinot Noir. Given that the Domaine is one of the most renowned producers of winemaking champagne today, it has not been in this business that long…